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Crafting digital product experiences that focus on human centered design principles, and conveying stories through moving images.


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Case Study

Transforming a Community for Music Creators

Learn how I led the product design strategy and rebranding for an acquired start-up in the music-tech space.

The Power of Design

Through the course of my journey in tech, design has gradually made its way to the forefront of business planning and product development. From my perspective, the lasting effects of design on ROI have always been paramount, yet often overlooked by organizations at large. Today, design finally has “a seat at the table” and a lot has changed because of this.

Now more than ever, design strategy and leadership significantly impact the decision making process - but what is design thinking?

What is design culture? How do we foster, empower and reinforce the role of design throughout the whole of companies, from start-ups in their infancy to multinational corporations? These are just some of the questions any company focused on it’s users should be asking regularly.

From whiteboards to boardrooms, time spent on the ground working with teams and executive stakeholders to ideate, build and support products through meaningful design strategy and leadership have resulted in better experiences for users. This in turn allows companies to create products that not only generate revenue, but scale within the confines of the business or shifts in industry while also appealing to the needs and goals of its users.

That is the power of design, and we’ve only just begun.


Creative Balance

Successful endeavors are a combination of many elements coming together in synchronicity, a beautiful harmony and balance. Finding balance in creativity is key in many of my professional achievements. This portfolio is a collection that focuses on a set of key skills, for which I am able to professionally execute as a lone ranger or collaborator in the jungle of ideation.


Brands Will Make 'Em Dance

People love brands. Often, they’re embedded in our everyday lives bringing joy and pleasure - sometimes without us even realizing it. Fortunately, I’ve been able to work with some great brands throughout the years as a creative professional, crafting digital products and experiences for consumers as well as solving business needs.


Get Across the Finish Line

It’s important to “ship” products. Especially in design and technology where they intersect with entertainment, which is where you’ll typically find me leading the design strategy and obsessing over the details (when no one’s looking). Ensuring stakeholders needs are met along the way is also important and key to the success of a cross-functional team whether in an office or on a production set.

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A Philadelphia Native

Specializing in end-to-end Digital Product Design, UI/UX/IA, Native iOS/Android Mobile Application Design, and Responsive UI Web Development, with a background of over 15 years spanning many areas in the arts and creative arena.

Including but not limited to, illustration, still life and figurative drawing, sculpting, painting, architecture, music, writing, print, industrial design, film and video production. I've experienced a plethora of imaginative environments that ultimately allow me to be a well-rounded leader and knowledgeable contributor to any team.

Also, started coding HTML when dial-up internet was still cool.


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